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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Our Chamber of Commerce in Mount Vernon flooded in a wet basement

We are members of the six Chambers of Commerce in our area & one close to our office flooded. It was originally a frozen pipe issue in the Chamber's officia... READ MORE

Hoarding cleanup for building management clients

We had a building manager call us in a panic, after a client had a fire in their condo. The shareholder or owner of this unit was a "collector," or what psychol... READ MORE

Commercial flood in Large Loss damage

Our local Chase Bank building had a flood after heavy late winter rains. This New Rochelle commercial building management team leases their offices. One of the... READ MORE

Storm Surge, heavy rain & flooding on Soundshore

We have a Soundshore client who had called us for help and a water damage --nthat put four feet of the Long Island Sound in her finished basement -- after Super... READ MORE

Scarsdale, NY Mold Removal & Mitigation in 10583

We have a realtor who called in a panic about "Black Mold" that she found in her client’s $2.5m home that is for sale north of NYC. The home was empty thi... READ MORE

Basement fire in Tuckahoe NY 10707

Our homeowner client had an appliance fire that was accidental in their basement, but it was still under investigation in our Before photo. It is an older home,... READ MORE

Top Down Frozen Pipe Flood Bronxville 10708

We were called to a multi-million dollar home in Bronxville, NY home, for a frozen pipe flooding issue after brutal temps in 10708. This water damage ruined a g... READ MORE

Pet Cleanup in Fleetwood NY on hardwood floor

A great Lab/Mix family dog "lost his lunch" on an 1800s refinished hardwood floor and rug in southern Westchester County. The client called after doing some cle... READ MORE

Is Wearing PPE is necessary for mold remediation?

Why is personal protective equipment necessary for mold cleanup? Mold can contain many allergens for people who are sensitive. Mold also spreads by sporulation,... READ MORE

Warehouse water cleanup

Leaking Pipes in Yonkers, NY Warehouse Water had been pooling in this warehouse because of a leaky pipe. The facility manager had already turned off the water a... READ MORE

Cleaning a commercial office building

Commercial Cleaning for Scarsdale Businesses Our team was asked to clean the outside of this office complex. It had years of dirt and grime from the roof and el... READ MORE

Water damage restoration in home

The first picture is a pipe that was leaking from the bathtub. Over time the ceiling collapsed into the downstairs making a mess. Leaking Bathtub on First Floor... READ MORE

Sewage Damage in Secor Gardens, NY

Toilet Overflow in Secor Gardens, NYThe basement of this home was filled with sewage after a toilet backed up. It is never a good thing to have a water damage. ... READ MORE

Weighted Extraction for Small Water Loss

This small business needed only a little bit of extraction after a pipe burst. WIthout having to tear out the carpet, and with only a little carpet pad, we opte... READ MORE

Why do I have to worry about humidity?

Broken supply line in Fleetwood, NY home. Humidity is fine as long as it is not out of hand. After a supply line broke in this home there was a lot of water in ... READ MORE

How do I clean up after a fire?

Bronxville, NY Fire Damage After the fire, do not go in the home until the building has been cleared by the fire department as safe. During this time call SERVP... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup in Mt. Vernon

SERVPRO of Scarsdale/ Mt. Vernon was quick to respond and be on site for this fire damage. When arriving on site crews found smoke damage throughout a portion o... READ MORE

Why is mold growing in my home?

Black Mold Problem in Mount Vernon Whenever there is a water problem you will be able to find mold. Water problems could be from flooding or maybe from a burst ... READ MORE

What is the best way to clean up mold on my ceiling?

How to clean mold off of your ceiling Reach out to SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon to get on site and start evaluating the situation. The technician will de... READ MORE

How do I know if this is mold?

Removing Mold in Tuckahoe, NYIf your home has visible mold growth then you may have an underlying problem of a water damage. Wherever there is mold growth there... READ MORE

How to clean up after a flood

What is the best way to clean up after a flood? Flood water can carry contaminants and bacteria. The cleaning should be carried out quickly and efficiently to a... READ MORE

What is the fastest way to clean up after a storm?

Cleaning up after a storm in Fleetwood, NYThis high school was filthy after a storm caused it to flood. The flooding brought in a lot of dirt and water that nee... READ MORE

How do I clean up after a storm that caused water damage?

1. Contact SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon. They will get a trained team onsite to begin the extraction process. 2. Once all of the water is extracted, SERV... READ MORE

Flood at Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY

Flood at Elementary School in Scarsdale, NYFlooding occurred in classrooms of this Elementary school as a result of severe storms. As you can see in these pictu... READ MORE

How do you prepare for a storm damaged home?

Preparing for storm damage in Mount Vernon, NYRemember to pack extra medication. Important documents should be placed in waterproof bags. Practice leaving your ... READ MORE

What are causes for burst pipes?

When this building was flooded it was due to a burst pipe. There are many reasons why a pipe may burst. Here are the main reasons in Scarsdale, NY.Frozen Pipe -... READ MORE

My home still smells like smoke. When will it go away?

Smoke Damaged Home in Yonkers, NYSERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon was called in after week went by and this home was still smelling like smoke. We cleaned up... READ MORE

How will all my content be cleaned?

Packout in Scarsdale, NYSometimes the damage to home doesn't always involve a burned wall or roof. Much of the home could have been damaged by smoke. Here are t... READ MORE

Cleaning Smoke Damaged Home

SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon gets the call to clean up this fire-damaged home. Bronxville Home Smoke Damage Our technicians worked tirelessly in this hom... READ MORE

Garage Filled With Sewage

Sewage Line Break in Scarsdale, NYThis garage was filled with sewage after a line broke and the sewage backed up out of the drains. It was a big dirty mess and ... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Machine Use for Fire and Water Damage

Using the right equipment is necessary when it comes to fire and water damage cleanup. Your valuables may look damaged but after SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Ve... READ MORE

Removing Mold with a Scarsdale Mold Certified Company

SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon is a certified mold remediation company. Mold cleanup is not controlled by the federal government, meaning anyone can do it ... READ MORE

Home in Scarsdale, NY, Beautifully Restored

We are the premier Disaster and Restoration company that services Scarsdale and Mount Vernon. We do more than just water mitigation and cleanup services. We can... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos