Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen with dehumidifiers

Kitchen Water Damage

Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Scarsdale and Mount Vernon was called to this home after they discovered a kitchen sink leak. The floors were covered in water. Our team was on the job with air movers and dehumidifiers to begin the cleanup process. We worked quickly to restore the entire property after water damage.

equipment on company carpet

Water Damage Impacts Local Business

Water damage impacted this local business and caused damages to the floor. Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon teams were onsite quickly with our equipment, as seen here! We have quite an extensive amount of tools that our technicians have been trained to use. 

air scrubber in living room

Air Scrubbers in Action

Air scrubbers are one kind of equipment that our teams utilize often, like during flood restoration. Seen here they are used to "clean" the air during water restoration. Dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are part of our water restoration process to ensure your property is cleaned and back to "Like it never even happened."

clean up at bowling alley after water damage

Bowling Alley Clean Up

Clean Up at Local Bowling Alley 

After water damage affected this local Yonkers, New York bowling alley they needed our professional help quickly! Our teams were onsite to clear the excess water and restore this local gathering place. 

air movers and flood cuts in an apartment

Apartment Building Water Damage

Hallway drying with air movers and flood cuts in local apartment

When water damage affected several apartments in this complex, SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon was immediately en route to assist. Our professionals cleaned and dried the space for the residents. 

water damage on the floor of a basement

Larchmont Water Damage Clean Up

After a winter storm rolled through Larchmont, New York this basement was affected by water damage. The standing water you see in this photo was quickly cleaned and their basement restored by our trained professionals and their advanced equipment. 

Wet flooring.

Wet Flooring After Leak

This was the aftermath of a water loss in a nearby home in Scarsdale, NY. Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon experts were quickly on the scene to perform water damage cleanup and restoration services!

Air mover in Yonkers, NY, kitchen.

Water Cleanup Yonkers, NY

Water Leak in Yonkers, NY, Kitchen

This was the aftermath in the kitchen and dining room area of a living space in Yonkers, NY. Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon experts were quickly at the scene to begin the water damage cleanup and restoration process!

Drying equipment in home.

Mount Vernon Water Damage

The homeowners of this home in Mount Vernon, NY, gave our SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon team a call after noticing water damage. Our SERVPRO experts quickly responded to the home and began the water damage cleanup and restoration process!

workers working on ceiling of a basement

Water Damage Leading to Mold

Water damage, if left sitting for too long, will eventually lead to mold growth. SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon has a team of licensed professionals to restore both water and mold damage. Call us today! 

a plastic tube coming through a window

Discovering Mold After Water Damage

Water damage can lead to mold if it isn't treated properly. The experts at SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon know time is of the essence after water loss. Give us a call 24/7 for emergency water extraction. 

Big hole in ceiling and water damaged walls.

Ceiling Water Damage In Scarsdale

This home in Scarsdale, NY suffered from severe water damage. The water leaked through the roof and pooled up in the ceiling. Our SERVPRO team quickly responded and got to work to properly and efficiently clean up and restore the water damage.

Water damaged ceiling.

Ceiling Damage after Water Loss

If your home or business in Scarsdale, NY suffers from a water damage event, please give our SERVPRO team a call for your water removal and restoration needs. Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon team is always "Here to help!"

Team member extracting water.

Water Extraction in Action

Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon team is in action and working hard on a water damage cleanup job. Pictured above you will see our hard-working team members in action extracting water! Call us today if your home or business suffers from water damage!

Team member removing damaged flooring.

Floor Demo in Action!

This home in Scarsdale, NY suffered from a water leak that resulted in water damage to several rooms in the home. The floors were damaged and needed to be removed from the property. If your home or business suffers from water damage, give our SERVPRO team a call today!

Team member extracting water.

Water Extraction in Action

This property in Scarsdale, NY suffered from a water leak that severely damaged the property. Our SERVPRO of Scarsdale team quickly responded and started the water removal and restoration process. If your home or business suffers from water damage, give us a call!

two people assessing the wall in a home to begin restoration

Assessing Water Damage

After a pipe broke in this home, the homeowner gave our team at SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon a call right away. We were able to assess the damage and find exactly where the pipe break was located with our thermal imaging technology. 

Basement Problems

Basement flooding can be pretty common. Water loss is one of the more frequent calls we receive here at our facility. When you give us a call we head to your property almost immediately. Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened." 

What Does This Look Like?

If you said water damage, you are correct! Our team had to remove the flooring & padding to get rid of the moisture and standing water from underneath. Have Water Loss? Call Us! (914) 699-5181


SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon professional's secure and stabilize the environment that needs to be restored upon arrival. We want to keep a clean neat space as to not disturb the rest of your home.  

Water you wanting for?

Water loss in your home can be a devastating process. A lot of times we have to rip up carpet and floor boards. We understand that everything is time sensitive & work hard to get our job done efficiently. 

Suck it!

We have one of our team members here sucking the standing water out from this residential home. Our team understands how important it is to get to work immediately once we receive your phone call. 

Ripping Up

Our team is ripping up the floors due to water damage in this residence. Water loss is our most common restoration call. We are available to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year!

Air Scrubbers & Air Movers

We have state of the art equipment to better ensure that our job is done quickly and efficiently. Here at SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon we understand how stressful the restoration process can be for you and your family.

Summer Camp Water Loss

Summer was a bummer when this day camp experienced a water loss. Luckily the "Faster to any size disaster" team at SERVPRO was there to respond. The water restoration experts placed drying equipment and began restoring the summer fun!

Storage Room Pipe Leak

Opening his doors after a long weekend, this business owner found that a pipe in his storage room had been leaking. He called SERVPRO who sent a team of highly trained water restoration experts to place drying equipment. If your home or business suffers a water loss call the professional disaster restoration team at SERVPRO.

Water pipe leaks in the Office

A local business was needing a fast recovery after a water pipe started leaking onto the ground. The "Faster to any size disaster" professionals at SERVPRO was there to save the day. A team of water loss technicians immediately started placing advanced drying equipment to begin the restoration process.

Household Rug Cleaning

SERVPRO has professional cleaning equipment to restore your household items back to normal conditions.  This rug was professionally cleaned, removing stains and restored back to pre water conditions. The air movers were used to dry quickly. 

Water Loss in Scarsdale

This was the aftermath of a water loss in a Scarsdale home.  The flooring and belongings suffered from significant water damage.  SERVPRO was able to remove and dry the flooring along with belongings to return the home back to normal conditions. 

Water Damage in Scarsdale NY

This home suffered from water damage due to a broiler leak.  SERVPRO responded to quickly begin clean up on this home.  They brought in air movers to dry the floors and performed flood cuts to dry behind the drywall. 

Carpet suffered from water loss

This home suffered from a water loss from leak in ceiling.  The carpet was soaked from water. SERVPRO came in and quickly extracted the water from the carpet. The subfloor was wet so the carpet had to be replaced.

Standing Water in Entryway

This home suffered from water damage in the entry way.  SERVPRO responded and quickly began mitigation to get the water up.  They brought in air movers to dry the floors and return to pre loss conditions.

Water damage to furniture

This home had furniture that was damaged after the home was flooded. SERVPRO was quick to respond to begin the mitigation process. Once all of the water was removed, SERVPRO was able to place plenty of drying equipment throughout the home. 

Water damage in hallway

This home had massive amounts of water damage. SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the mitigation process. Our team was able to place drying equipment to get this home dry and back to pre loss condition. 

Cleaning up after a water loss

SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon was called to help clean up this water damage in a local home. Our team was quick to get on site and start extracting all of the water. Once the water was all pulled up, the team began placing drying equipment throughout the home. 

Sewage Water Damage in Riverdale

SERVPRO responded to this property with sewage water damage in multiple rooms.  It takes special training and equipment to clean the area as it can be contaminated and can be very dangerous.  They have the expertise to ensure your home is safe after clean up.

Floor lifted from water damage

SERVPRO has the expertise and equipment for any water damage emergency.  This is a picture of the floor lifting from water getting underneath floor and pushing it up off the subfloor.  They have the equipment to extract the water off the floor followed by the drying process.

Water Cleanup in Scarsdale

Our team is quick to respond to this flooded home. After a pipe malfunction, our team showed up with extractors and began to mitigate the damages. One the water was removed we began the drying process. 

row of stores water damage

Stores Flooded in New York

We're Here to Help

This is our truck in a busy shopping area near Larchmont, NY. The building owner has called us for his Bronxville and Scarsdale properties in the past. We did water damage cleanup for all four stores with awnings in this photo.